Get Your Own!

June 27, 2016

Heading out for a tough workout?

Feeling like you’ll need a couple of bottles of GQ-6? What can you do? Schlep a 30oz canister along with you? Not likely.

We’ve got the perfect solution. Score TWO (2) of our FREE reusable pouches to take with you. Portable and sustainable—no waste like packets or stick packs—just fill it up with your favorite GQ-6 flavor and you’re off.

And here’s how you get yours.

Send a self addressed stamped envelope to us at:

232 Avenida Fabricante Unit #102,
San Clemente, CA 92672

That’s all it takes. We’ll put the packets in the envelope you sent and send them right back to you. It really is quite simple.

If you want more than one, send us a UPC from any GQ-6 product you’ve purchased and we’ll send you FOUR (4) packets!


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