Fall Back: Sleep Survival Guide

by Jennifer Tetrick November 06, 2017 1 Comment

It’s that time of year again: the bi-annual disruption of our sleep cycle.

Daylight Savings Time has ended, and many of us may be left wondering, where did that “extra hour” of sleep go? In reality, changing the clocks could result in a disruption in our circadian and sleep rhythms for up to a week after the clocks are changed.¹

This time of year also means that the holidays are just around the corner, which inevitably affects how we sleep as well (Read More).

Here’s some tips to stay on track this week:


Don’t let the shorter days cramp your workout routine. Try to find a time to exercise daily, preferably at the same time each day. This will help your body reset its internal clock and get back on track.¹

Limit Alcohol.

Drinking too much alcohol actually disrupts your sleep, preventing your body from getting the much-needed deep sleep it needs each night.


Stay on the same sleep schedule each day. Falling asleep and waking up at the same time each day helps keep your body’s sleep pattern in tact (yes, we know, even on the weekends…)


Sometimes, your body needs a gentle boost to reset your sleep cycle. RĒKÜVR NITE TIME can help you do so naturally, calming your “racing brain” and healing tired muscles with BCAAs.

Get Sunshine.

Working in an office all day? Try to get some natural light by going on a walk, getting outside in the morning or whatever you can fit into your schedule to soak in a little sunlight each day.² 

Wind down.

Give yourself 30-45 minutes to get ready for sleep. Think of it like your day-time cool down. Prepping your mind and body for sleep will help you sleep better and feel better during the day.



¹ Harvard Health Letter by Anthony Komaroff, M.D. 

² How to Sleep Better Now - Huffington Post

Jennifer Tetrick
Jennifer Tetrick


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