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Let's Break It Down

The origins are from the Japanese "Ji kyu ryo ku" (持 久力).  A commonly used word, 持久力 (ji kyu ryo ku) translates to "Stamina", "Sustainability", "Endurance", "Perseverance" or "Persistence" in English.


The first two syllables are pronounced "G" and "Q". The last two–ryo ku–are spoken together and sound almost exactly like the Japanese word for the number six (6). So we broke it down to our own form of phonetic hieroglyphics and came up with GQ-6.

The individual Kanji are translated as:

持久 = Endurance or Persistence
力 = Power, strength, energy, vigor, etc.

This concept embodies both the attitude of the athlete and the benefits of our products.

Our Founder

Richard Hiraga: The Dreamer

GQ-6 Founder: Richard Hiraga

Meet Richard Hiraga, a long time nutrition industry professional, avid amateur cyclist and all around fitness nut, who wasn't happy with the supplement options currently available on the market. He keenly wanted a pre, intra and post workout system of supplementation that was simple, clean and, most of all, effective.

Richard huddled with Phd.'s, conferred with elite and professional athletes, contacted trusted manufacturers, enlisted the help of fellow active lifestyle crazed individuals and set out to find a solution. The result? GQ-6. With no artificial additives and being gluten free, makes the GQ-6 line of products the best pre, intra and post workout supplements anywhere.


GQ-6, dedicated to the endurance athlete.

Early on we created our GQ-6 Mission Statement to guide our efforts. The products you see now and forever from our brand will be governed by the following.

Be selfless and ethical; create products that are as exceptional as they are functional; always lead and never follow; support the athlete no matter what level or sport; create long lasting partnerships with the industry, build a relationship with consumers on trust, fairness and the pursuit of fun.

Our Partners

Associated with The Best

At GQ-6 we are proud to be associated with some of the finest names in the industry. Our partners share our vision and goals and exhibit everything that is right about the sports we love.

SpeedfilFoundation for American Track Cycling