Hydration is Critical.

If you are dehydrated, you might as well go home.

Hydration System

GQ-6 is not only a brand but a system.

The GQ-6 line of products was designed specifically to meet the hydration, pre-workout, endurance and recovery needs of all active people, regardless of their sport or ability level.

 If you sweat, GQ-6 is the product for you.

It's a simple system that works in harmony to provide the most efficient, effective and complete supplementation on the market today. We formulated the line so athletes could dose in whatever way works best for them.

The GQ-6 Stack

GQ-6 products are designed to be stacked. The individual properties of each product can work in conjunction with each other and enhance their effectiveness.

We recommend you take these products together as part of your training regiment.

Our current line of six uniquely developed products are gluten free, contain no artificial sweeteners or flavors, have no added colors and no banned substances.