Proper hydration and supplementation
improves performance.

Richard Hiraga
Meet Richard Hiraga. Richard is a long time nutrition industry professional, avid amateur cyclist and all around fitness nut who wasn't happy with the supplement options currently available on the market. He keenly wanted a pre, intra and post workout system of supplementation that was simple, clean and, most of all, effective.

In the spring of 2014, Richard huddled with Phd.'s, conferred with elite and professional athletes, contacted trusted manufacturers, enlisted the help of fellow active lifestyle crazed individuals and set out to find a solution. The result? GQ-6 was launched in 2015. With no artificial additives and being gluten free, the GQ-6 line of products are the best pre, intra and post without supplements anywhere.

Be selfless and ethical.

Create products that are as
exceptional as they are functional.

Always lead and never follow.

Support the athlete no matter what
the level of sport.

Create long lasting partnerships
with the industry.

Nurture a relationship with the
consumers built on trust, fairness
and the pursuit of fun.


The name GQ-6 actually originates from the Japanese "Ji kyu ryo ku" (持 久力). A commonly used word, 持 久力 (ji kyu ryo ku) translates to Stamina, Sustainability, Endurance, and Perseverance or Persistence in English.

The first two syllables are pronounced "G" and "Q". The last two-ryo ku-are spoken together and sound almost exactly like the Japanese word for the number six (6). So we broke it down to out own Form of phonetic hieroglyphics and came up with GQ-6.