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    Endurance. It’s the power to sustain, without giving way. When your activity level triggers the “burn,” you can quit and go home. Or, you can overcome the muscle fatigue with RĒ-FŪL ENDURANCE™ and keep pushing onward.


    RĒ-FŪL ENDURANCE™ is a departure from typical “endurance” formulas. No laundry list of obscure ingredients, only what will efficiently support your endurance activity. Nothing more. It has sodium and potassium bicarbonates, shown in research to boost endurance potential. Then we charged it with genuine CarnoSyn® to help reduce exercise “burn.” RĒ-FŪL ENDURANCE is non-flavored and can be added to your favorite beverage as an endurance booster. However, optimal absorption may be achieved when RĒ-FŪL ENDURANCE is combined with 3:2:1 Hydration Base.

  • Intense endurance can drive O2 consumption by up to 1500%. Fortunately, RĒ-FŪL ENDURANCE features sodium and potassium phosphates. Just 3 days of their consumption improves efficient oxygen utilization during endurance. That’s only part of the RĒ-FŪL ENDURANCE equation. To help buffer fatigue-inducing lactic acid, this dynamic formula includes genuine CarnoSyn® beta alanine. It helps boost levels of the amino acid Carnosine in cells, like muscle cells. There, carnosine helps to hold off the accumulation of exercise-halting acids. It helps muscles keep working over the long haul.

Professional Athlete Tested.

"GQ-6 is instrumental in my training and racing. It allows to me reach my potential on the bike day after day. Even in the most extreme weather conditions I can always count on GQ-6 providing me with the fuel I need to finish on top." - Luis Contreras

"I rely on GQ-6 for a number of reasons, but one quality I value most is the simplicity and purity of their products. There are no additives or hyped up gimmicks in GQ-6, only the basic nutrition essentials required by my body to go hard and push my limits to another level" - Michael "Miki" Weiss

Luis Contreras' bio is coming soon.

Michael Weiss is a professional triathlete specializing in long distance and off-road events. He has earned three Ironman titles since 2010 and was Xterra World Champion in 2011.