Hydration 101: Tips

August 09, 2016

We all know hydration is important, yet how many of us have found ourselves halfway through a workout, or carrying on our day when we realize: we haven't had a single sip of water!? Hot summer days, forgetting a water bottle when hitting the gym, sweating your way through a tough workout are all ways we can find ourselves in trouble with dehydration. Lack of proper hydration can cause fatigue, cramping, performance issues and limited mental acuity. 

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Since none of us wants to feel like a raisin, on the inside or out, here are some performance-based hydration tips that will help you stay on top of your game:

Hydrate early.

Once the body becomes dehydrated, it is far too late to get your system back to normal and able to perform in a competition setting. A hydrated athlete will perform at least 20% better than one who's not hydrating properly.

Drink every 15 minutes.

Scheduling your hydration during a workout can keep you on track, staying hydrated before you feel thirsty. Related: Is there such thing as too much water (yes!)

Account for caffeine.

Caffeine and alcohol are diuretics. Remember to drink more water to counter balance their effects.

Sip between bites.

When eating during competition, add a little extra water between bites. Your gut will pull water out of your system to help digest the food or solids.

Be careful with sugars.

Some sugars and sweeteners will ferment in the gut and will not pass through the stomach walls, causing belly distress when one becomes dehydrated. That's why GQ6 3:2:1 hydration is made with easily digested, all-natural ingredients, which can be stacked with Endurance or Energy (which has no added sugars).


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